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Ma Mere full movie (2004) with english subtitles


Watch Ma Mere full movie (2004) with english subtitles

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Ma Mere full movie (2004) aka My mother aka Mi Madre

Helene (Isabelle Huppert) wastes no time after her husband’s death to initiate her son into her life of debauchery and hedonism and she quickly instructs her girlfriend Rea (Joana Preiss) to have sex with her son in a public place. Pierre has religious convictions and frequently prays when alone but he seems easily drawn into his mothers sordid lifestyle and he falls in love with another one of her playmates. Helene goes out of town for a while but she instructs Hansi (Emma de Caunes) to keep her son company while she’s gone and it’s during this time that Pierre learns of the sadomasochistic practices that his mother is involved in. When Helene returns her relationship with Pierre turns incestuous and it eventually ends with her performing the ultimate sadomasochistic act on herself with the hope of keeping a self depraving grip on him.

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