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Malicious full movie (Malizia) with english subtitles (1973)


Watch Malicious full movie (Malizia) with english subtitles (1973)


Malicious full movie (1973):

Sitting in the back of his dad’s (Ignazio La Brocca) car after attending his mums funeral,14 year old Nino La Brocca is caught by surprise,when a strange woman sits by him.Transfixed by the woman’s legs,La Brocca puts all memories of the funeral aside,and places a hand in between the woman’s legs.

Getting out of the car,Nino and his brothers Enzino and Antonio are given the surprising news by their dad,that the strange woman is called Angela,and that due to the tragic passing of his wife/their mum,that Angela will be the permanent maid of the household.Keeping Nino’s earlier voyeuristic interaction with her under wraps ,Angela soon begins to become a part of the family,by taking care of them,and every single other thing around the house.Whilst Angela focuses on keeping the house clean,Nino finds his interest in seeing more of Angela’s skin to become a bit of an obsessive lust for Angela.

Feeling in need for their to be a ‘woman’s touch’ in his life, Ignazio proposes to Angela that they both get married.Being whisked off her feet by Ignazio’s shocking proposal,Angela happily accepts,and begins to set out plans for her and Ignazio’s bright future together.Furious over his dad soon getting a permanent grip on ‘his’ Angela,Nino decides to take advantage of his past with Angela,as Angela begins to fear that she will have to remain a ‘maid’ for Nino for the rest of her life.

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