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Schoolgirl Report Part 4 (1972) in English subtitles


watch Schoolgirl Report Part 4 (1972) full movie aka Schulmädchen-Report 4

Summary: Schoolgirl Report Part 4 (1972)

This fourth volume of the best-selling SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series

Story1: Elfie seduces her Maths teacher to get a passing grade.

Story2: A perverted man disguises himself as a doctor to give young girls his own type of “check up” – and more. And Angelica takes her boyfriend into her bedroom as a doctor while father watches football.

Story3: Adoptive black girl, Caroline is invited to a party by her female schoolmates who hate her and is raped by another male school friend. a young girl who lusts after her own brother and has psychedelic dreams with bloody naked nuns and a firing squad.

Story4: Schoolboy Josef had an accident with his dad’s car and needs 1300 Marks to repair it. None of his friends have money. So he suggests the girls to pimp them. They all like easy money and don’t stop after the repair of the car.

Story5: Four girls seduces a young man near a swimming pool and later in woods.

Story6: Teenager Barbara and handsome elder brother

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