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Silver Shoes full sex movie uncut (2015) – Annabelle Lee


Watch Silver Shoes full sex movie uncut (2015) – Annabelle Lee


Three explicit erotic stories. First, Annabelle finds out about her friend Liandra’s masculine side and Liandra seduces her. Then, Anabelle gets turned on by a piece of clothing. Finally, Liandra hooks up with her friend’s guy friend.

This award-winning explicit erotic trilogy intertwines three short stories about the carnal power of what we wear. Fun, bittersweet, surprising, and intimate, the stories may or may not be connected. It’s up to you to decide. In Undressed, delicate Liandra is hiding a secret tough masculine side. In The Housesitter, lonely young AnnaBelle has a surprisingly intense reaction to what she finds in the owner’s closet. And in Mimosa, Liandra hosts a brunch party and meets Joost, a handsome man with fabulous shiny pants.

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Could tell the movie was amazing but the filming ruined it. Would love to watch a still camera version of this. I mean they are in the couch all hot and heavy and the camera is everywhere. Even does a slow motion of the guys neck so we see the zits really well smdh.


I can’t even watch anymore and I’m only to where the girls are in bed at first of the movie. I have never see such horrible filming. The camera never stops moving and is 6 inches away from them so all you see is a small little area at a time and in slow motion which is ridiculous!!! Why would you not back up and stand still so we can see their entire bodies and everything that’s happening??!!! Person filming must be high as fuck!


The camera is so close to the actors in the first of the movie you can’t see hardly anything!! I don’t understand why people filming always have the camera up so close and especially when they are kissing. Camera is right in their faces. Back up and let us see everything and enjoy the damn sex.


Silver shoes