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What the Swedish butler saw full movie


Watch What the Swedish butler saw full movie (1975) aka Champagnegalopp danish comedy movie

Summary: What the Swedish butler saw full movie (1975)

A man with a maid: Meet Jack, an impoverished youth whose entire legacy consists of Samson, a deaf servant, a rusty suit of armor as well as the target of his dead Dad’s preferred hang out, Madame Helena’s Bordello. Despite some tips by Madame Helena along with her inventive and voluptuous employees of prostitutes, Jack is not able to win the hand, or any an element of the physiology, of his beloved Alice.

The Beauteous and proper Alice will marry simply a man of methods. Alice announces the woman engagement to your wealthy old codger Cecil Spentwicke simply as Jack falls heir to his uncle’s property. Cecil falls lifeless from a massive coronary during his bachelor celebration at the whore home and Alice is up for grabs. Can Jack turn the woman into dedicated and sensual woman?

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