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Bad Wives (1997)


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Summary: Bad Wives (1997)

Bourgeois and bored, Tracey feels like life is passing her by. Now in her mid-thirties, her only obvious vice is surreptitiously scoffing biscuits in her local supermarket. It’s no consolation, but her best friend Elizabeth is even less fulfilled. She’s encumbered with an adulterous husband Steve and peculiar tendency to nibble at bars of soap. The pair seem doomed to continue in quiet desperation, to settle for dissatisfaction, until the intervention of a charismatic shop-assistant spurs them in to action. There’s a certain irony to the fact that things begin to change for the girls during a routine excursion to the aforementioned supermarket. To the horror of her friend, Tracey helps herself to a mouthful of biscuits without realizing she’s under surveillance. Suddenly, satirically, they’re ordered to step away from the biscuits, and to the amusement of the assembled shoppers, flee the building in shame. Outside, their tormentor – a tattooed shop-assistant by the name of Roy

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