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I have created this Discuss section so that i can help you with your problems. We will chat and discuss here.I will answer your queries in less than 24 hours.I would really like to know your opinion about each published movie. So if you have a free minute please leave a comment below the post of the movie or video which you just watched. It will be very helpful to me. Thank you

1) Bookmark this site (ctrl+D) to check for new movies or videos and stay up to date. Check daily for new movies or videos.

2) To download any video or movie use Internet Download software or download any google chrome extension video download tool on PC (desktop)

3) If you get message as “server ip address could not be found” or “if you see a blank space” it may mean the video source is blocked in your country so try using VPN for that video. If still problem occurs comment here your problem in detail with movie or video name.If you cannot comment with movie or video name it is difficult to find out which movie or video is not working.

4) Comment the video name if u find message as “this video is deleted

5) For subtitle movies you can find subtitle link in video description

6) Click on “Subscribe” button to receive email notifications when i reply you. I will reply to your comments in less than 24 hours

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Do not playing the videos give me place


Help downloads


My vpn is not work


I cant download it, please help me


Vpn plese