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Belan Fabra sex scenes in Diary of a Nymphomaniac


Watch Belan Fabra sex scenes in Diary of a Nymphomaniac aka Diary of sex addict


Diary of a Sex Addict is a tale of a nymph and her sordid past. To some, it is a soft core erotica, while to the rest it might just be an European art-house movie with sex as the selling point. Christian Molina has done a great job in churning the movie based on the best selling novel. However, sex is not everyone’s addiction.

The story begins with Valere (Belen Fabra), a university graduate who holds a well paid job, indulges in sex. Confessing to her grandma on her sexual desire for any man she met, she learned a valuable lesson from her grandma on searching for the path she wants in her life. She met Jaime, a young manager, who showers her with money and apartment. As their relationship develops, Jaime turns out to be a man who sees Valere as a morally loose woman. Out of job and heavily in debt, she choose prostitution, where it not only gave her a source of income, but also satisfy her thirst for lust.

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