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Corps Brulants full movie (1976)


watch Corps Brulants full movie (1976)

Summary: Corps Brulants full movie (1976)

Despite his already having a gorgeous girlfriend of his own age-group, a teenage boy develops a lustful crush on a considerably-older women when he sees her and her male lover playing tag on the beach and then having wild intercourse on the dune-grass.. An intimacy soon develops between the teenage boy and the comely matron; she is feeling extremely lonely due to her live-in lover’s being away for a few days, and so the teenage boy is perfect company in her time of need.

During their time together, the boy naively assumes that the lady has genuinely fallen for him; however, when her live-in lover returns and the teenage boy catches them making love once more, the boy realizes to his shock that the woman had merely been using him as a “boy toy” for temporary comfort. Now heartbroken, the boy must make sense of his feelings; he soon realizes that his relationship with his own similar-aged girlfriend is far more suitable and satisfying for him, anyway.

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