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Downtown full movie uncut sex (1975) – Lina Romay


Watch Downtown full movie uncut sex (1975) with English subtitles

Summary: Downtown full movie (1975)

Downtown Die nackten Puppen der Unterwelt – This movie tells the story of a private detective and two con-women strippers, one of whom sings hilarious show tunes in English, even though it’s clear she doesn’t understand a word of what she’s saying. It stars Franco, no less, in the main role, and features much of the cast of other Franco/Dietrich collaborations, including the scrumptious Martine Stedil and of course, Lina Romay. The latter two partake in ample nude squirming, in an admirable attempt to portray sexual activity.The story of Downtown doesn’t so much unfold before your eyes as it is babbled at you in rapid-fire, bullet-speed dubbed German narration and dialog spoken by a bunch of naked non-German speaking actors.

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