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Erika Lust Cabaret Desire full movie (2011)


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Summary: Cabaret Desire full movie (2011)

The four vignettes are introduced by a male or female poet who sidles up to a client or couple and receives a poker chip as payment in advance (like a hooker -the chip bought expensively upon entering the club being a ritual associated with the real-life poetry brothels). They narrate the pantomimes, tall tales that really aren’t interesting. Silliest is that of a guy who’s mom is an art historian/cat burglar, who we see in fetish gear clad in latex head to toe, making her look like a stereotypical BDSM movie masochist, but instead dominating a famous author who she binds and gags and then humps. Punch line of this segment is predictable and corny enough to make Rod Serling groan.

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