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Fantasm (1976) A movie about Female Sexual Fantasy


Watch Fantasm (1976) A movie about Female Sexual Fantasy

Summary: Fantasm 1976

Directed by Richard Franklin, comes this tawdry number wherein Professor Jurgen Notafreud (John Bluthal) reveals the ‘top ten women’s fantasies’ in this porn movie. The fantasies include, a girl lusting for her hairdresser, wife swapping at a strip poker game, strap-on, rape, sex with John Holmes, incest, prostitution, school play and religious sacrilege. This is a VERY mixed back. The doctor is supremely unfunny and cringe-inducing, some of the ‘fantasies’ are great, but some are awful. All of them are hard soft-core by the way. Plus you get some extremely top heavy women and of course John Holmes, that in itself is worthy enough to give this one at least a rent. It was followed by a severely lacking sequel to quickly cash-in on this film’s success.

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