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Hole in law 2 (2020)


Hole in law 2 (2020)

Episode 1 – Girlfriend wants to sleep with my friend Sang Min’s girlfriend Eun Jeong, is a nude model and takes photos with a stranger in a motel naked. Sang Min who doesn’t believe in free-spirited Eun Jeong, after drinking in three groups with her close friend Jae Hoon,, comes home. Sang Min, who noticed that Eun Jeong is quietly flirting with Jae Hoon, asks if he wants to do with Jae Hoon while having sex with Eun Jeong. When Eun Jeong actively responded, he made Jae Hoon go into the room where Eun Jeong was sleeping.

Episode 2 – The Meaning of Sex with a Japanese Woman to a Korean Man Sang Min, who lives with Japanese woman Yoshimi, introduces Yoshimi’s friend Michiko to her American roommate. Sang Min, who heard a joke from his friends that sex with a Japanese woman is patriotic. Sang Min heard that Michiko can’t remember anything the next day when she’s drunk. I’m having sex with a drunk Michiko.

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