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Hot Lesbian Sex Movie The Daughters of Fire (2018)


watch Hot Lesbian Sex Movie The Daughters of Fire (2018) in English subtitles

Summary: Lesbian Sex Movie The Daughters of Fire (2018)

Two female lovers reunite for the first time in ages. One wants to shoot a porn film, the other wants to visit her family. They decide to traverse southern Argentina with a woman they met after a night out with a surprising ending. The polyamorous road trip takes them to breathtaking places where they are joined by other women, all at a crossroads in their lives. The trip is replete with loving, uncomplicated sex and reflections on life, relationships, being a woman and a human being. Without fear, shame or regret, they explore their boundaries, freeing themselves from conventional standards and ties. That’s how they become The Daughters of Fire: a band dedicated to accompanying other women in the search for their own erotica, for the way each one wants to be in a world ignorant of the voluptuousness of detachment

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