Hotel Desire explicit sex scenes – Saralisa Volm (2014)


Watch Hotel Desire explicit sex scenes – Saralisa Volm (2014)


In Berlin, during one of the hottest summers in the last seven years, Antonia, a single mother, drives her son to the bus station, in order to visit his dad in Paris and stay with him for the next two weeks. The two of them have already planned a trip together to travel to Cote d’Azur, something that Antonia will definitely value, since her demanding job as a hotel maid, housekeeping and cleaning, has left her exhausted, dishevelled and with no personal life. Late again for work, she will use her hotel compassion to go unpunished and will begin her work not knowing that in the hotel stays Julius Pass, a famous blind portrait painter, who is waiting for his big exhibition opening. Is this untidy maid who has lost faith in her, going to have a meeting with her fate?

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