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Le Baiser full movie uncut sex movie (2015)


Watch Le Baiser full movie uncut sex movie (2015)

Summary: Le Baiser full movie (2015)

Clair (Tiffany Doll), a young Parisian woman is in a 10-year relationship that has become more of a routine. Her routine gets interrupted when she witnesses an American woman, Jolene (Madison Young), getting mugged. Claire helps her get situated in a hotel. As a thank you, Jolene gives Claire a kiss; a kiss which becomes burned into Claire s mind. She can’t shake the feelings Jolene’s kiss sparked, and Claire wants to explore them further. Jolene and her friends take a trip to the countryside with Claire, where the thought of infidelity is far from everyone’s mind. However, it is not long before new and exhilarating sensual experiences overtake this new group of friends.

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