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Oh Rebuceteio (1984)


Watch Adult comedy movie Oh Rebuceteio (1984)

Summary: Oh Rebuceteio (1984)

Leticia is a girl who lives with her mother, who accepts the decision that her daughter works on plays with nude scenes. Later, the director Nene Garcia does not find good results in practices, which leads him to be able to perform physical exercises, different scenarios but all related to sex.

One of the most voted scenes was that of a woman who plays a nun, another woman who is going to confess to the church and seduces a priest, this play is totally convinced Nene Garcia that the public is going to get excited and be very successful Then an erotic essay with animated characters, and a scene of two men who attack a woman to seduce her. Later, Leticia has an argument with her theater partner, in which the youth group is divided.

The end is when they rehearse for the show, everyone gets distracted and has sex between the entire group on stage. Then the play is presented where the audience is excited and the art director congratulates Nene Garcia.

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