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Paprika sex scenes compilation movie (1991)


Watch Paprika all sex scenes compilation movie (1991)


Debora Caprioglio is Paprika, a hooker in modern Italy with the face of an adolescent and the body of a female specimen of Homo sapiens that has brought the concept of reproduction and nurturance to its finest degree, divine in its generosity. Here she is, with her cute little innocent face and chirpy voice, starting out in a Roman whorehouse inhabited by cheerfully naked girls, and with walls straight out of the red light district of Pompeii.

Tinto Brass centered the view in Debora Caprioglio, who plays the roll of Paprika. Hell, she is very hot, sensual… but as nothing is perfect in her life she will go from one place to another and this is a kind of repetitive. She is filmed from every angle you can imagine. You can imagine that with the view centered on Caprioglio the other ladies are not seen in plenitude. Doesn’t matter Caprioglio is the hottest woman in the movie and is a well chosen actress for the leading actress

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