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Sleeping beauty full movie (2011) – Emily Browning


Watch Sleeping beauty full movie (2011) – Emily Browning

Actors:Bridgette Barrett, Emily Browning, Rachael Blake and Hannah Bella Bowden


Emily Browning-Sleeping beauty: By a strange ad in the newspaper student Lucy finds a mysterious part time job in a private gated club. Lucy was locked up for the night in the Room of Sleeping Beauty, where she sleeps under the influence of a strong drug at a time when male clients do with her what they want.

Every day, Lucy increasingly wants to know what happens to her in the hours, which she does not remember anything.

The movie shows a young girl who works on three jobs to support her studies at the university, pay the rent and somehow sustain herself. No family, no love. One friend – and he commits suicide. All the colors of loneliness in one. Not surprisingly, while she was drinking heavily and was ready to jump into bed with the first comer. When a person comes to face up to its depletion, it begins to self-destruct. And then another question arises: to what extent can be reached?

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