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Slugs movie explicit sex scenes (2004) – Sophia Laggner


Watch Slugs movie explicit sex scenes (2004) – Sophia Laggner


Nacktschnecken or “Slugs” is an Austrian German language film from 2004, so this one is already over 10 years old. It is one of the most known (non-documentary) works by the later writer and director Michael Glawogger and he got help with the script here from actor Michael Ostrowski, who also plays one of the main characters. The photo of this title already gives kinda away that it is the story of a bunch of guys trying to set up a successful porn business in Austria. So we see all kinds of footage how they are trying to make a porn movie. And the film does not go easy on us. It is pretty graphic and we even see male genitalia at one point. But the film is about a lot more than this because as the professional relationships between the cast & crew grow, so do the personal relationships between them, which does not really make their endeavor any easier.

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