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The Wayward cloud sex scenes uncut (2005)


Watch Tian bian yi duo yun aka The Wayward cloud sex scenes uncut (2005)


This is a film about two neighbors who live in an apartment building in Taiwan during an unusually hot summer and inexplicable water shortage. One woman named Shiang-chyi Chen sits around her apartment eating watermelon, while her next door neighbor Kang-sheng Lee makes hardcore porn films (which in the opening scene involve a watermelon between a woman’s legs).

The film is mostly minimalist and truly beautiful in its austere compositions and delicate urban electric light; shadows and silhouettes are repeat motif used gorgeously. This is interspersed with scenes of graphic sex, albeit no more than you would see in Crash, Short Bus, or WR. Mysteries of the Organism, but just as explicit. The same long takes which lingered on an empty hallway now assume the position of Peeping Tom.

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