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Virgin and The Lover full movie (1973) – Eric Edwards


Watch Classic porn Virgin and The Lover full movie (1973) – Eric Edwards

Actors: Eric Edwards, Leah Marlon, Mark Stevens, Jennifer welles


A man who has only been in love with one woman is devastated when she dies in a car accident. Over the years he has obsessed on her to the point where he lives with a mannequin that he dresses up like her. He finally goes to see a psychiatrist about his problem, and the psychiatrist’s sexy your secretary takes more than a professional interest in him.

Exhibiting impressive production values, highlighted by Horulu’s own capable camera work, the flick occasionally overcomes the sheer ridiculousness of its twisted narrative with some creatively crafted carnal encounters. If the simulated stuff fails to rise above the unimaginative ploy of having naked people very cautiously rubbing their loins up against each other, save for the aforementioned girl on girl gambit, the graphic groping shows both enthusiasm and budding expertise

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