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Brigitte Lahaie in Cathy fille soumise (1977)


watch Brigitte Lahaie in Cathy fille soumise (1977) full porn movie

Summary: Cathy fille soumise (1977)

Sweet, beautiful, girl-next-door, Cathy, has fallen in love with a domineering, arrogant man named Tony, who puts her to work as a prostitute in Paris. Finally fed up with her life she makes a break for it and runs away to the countryside, where she meets Simon, a strapping, gorgeous and kind young farmer who is well liked by the local women. They fall head over heels in love at first sight and completely enjoy each others company in idyllic puppy love. Cathy couldn’t be happier with her new life and love, except for the shadow of Tony and her former life. Eventually Tony hunts her down, and forcibly reminds her how she used to like working for him. Afterwards, in shame, and fearing rejection she pours her heart out to Simon, who organizes the villagers to chase him out of town with disastrous consequences.

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